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Green Football Weekend unleashes the power of football to tackle climate change

Football and food go hand in hand. From pies eaten on the terraces; to chips and gravy shared at half-time; or oranges passed around lower league dressing rooms.

What we eat impacts our health and performance. Eating more veg helps reduce injuries, improve recovery times, increase circulation, and importantly, protect our world. 

If the UK’s football fans had one veggie meal a day, we could save the equivalent to removing 5.5M cars from the road (each year). So this Green Football Weekend try a tasty veggie option.

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Imagine what the world would look like if a billion people took action to fight climate change

We began our relationship with the remarkable team at Count Us In four years ago as a founding partner. Working closely with their leaders, we set out to inform the world about an often-overlooked truth: there is hope in the face of the climate crisis, and individual actions can make a significant impact. Given that personal choices account for 20% of CO2e emissions, reducing our carbon footprint is a critical step in combating climate change.

Good clients = good work.

Bravo, all.

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Driving effective climate action with Netflix

A good TV show or film can inspire us (and millions globally) to do something about climate change...but what action we should take isn’t always clear.

We partnered with Netflix to support title teams, (including Sir David Attenborough’s Breaking Boundaries, 2022 blockbuster Don’t Look Up, and Barack Obama’s Our Great National Parks) in the development of impact campaigns that drive effective climate action.

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2023 Climate Wins, Wrapped by Atoms

Climate and culture, inspired by nature 🌍

This year’s climate extremes may give the impression that the planet is screwed, but climate experts say we’ve made record progress in 2023—and that gives them hope.

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Research-based insights for effective public climate engagement

In collaboration with our partners at Count Us In and RARE, we helped produce data-backed insights for effective climate engagement.

Both organizations make the research publicly available, allowing anyone who sees themselves as part of the solution to enhance the effectiveness and impact of their climate initiatives.

Subscribe now to discover how the power of unity can truly make a difference.

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Not !Boring Software

Playful software for life's boring routines.

No More Boring Apps: Introducing (Not Boring) Weather, Calculator, Timer. Congratulations to the uber-talented duo, Andy and Mark, who have launched a beautiful bundle of apps that reinvent the basics and bring more play into everyday interactions.

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Culture, 🌍 Climate,and ⚽ Football

Extremely proud of the amazing work that led to this incredible accolade. A shout-out to my incredible colleagues at Count Us In 🎉 and to the numerous partners who have helped make the Green Football Weekend the success it is today.

Green Football Weekend has been recognized as an inspiring example of culture and climate campaigning. Thank you to the Museum for the United Nations - UN Live! ✌️🏻🇺🇳

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The Climate UX Discussion Series has kicked off

Are you a designer curious about working on climate in your career? Or maybe you already are. Either way, please join us for a series of Climate UX Discussions.

Our colleague Brandon Schauer at RARE and a small group of UX folks are concerned with the climate crisis and are exploring ways that UX can make a real difference.

If you missed the first Climate UX Discussion on Beginning a Career in Climate UX, don't worry—you can still engage in the series.

If you'd like to get involved in the Climate UX Discussion Series, we're looking for people to organize future panels and discussions.

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Allbirds and Adidas have made the world’s lowest carbon footprint running shoe

We love collaboration; in fact, it's our superpower.

Inspired by the Allbirds x Adidas collaboration, we were drawn to their goal of reducing the environmental footprint of running shoes. The Futurecraft.Footprint is a running shoe designed to perform just like any other but with a cradle-to-grave carbon footprint unlike anything seen before—less than 3kg per pair.

The team took the carbon-cutting challenge further by focusing on five key areas: shoemaking, packaging, transportation, use, and end-of-life. They achieved a remarkable result of 2.94kg CO2e per pair.

We are particularly impressed with the visualization of 2.94kg CO2e on each sole.

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If you'd like to chat more,
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Wonder Lab is on a mission to create a sustainable, healthier, more resilient future for all of us.

We connect our deepest hopes for ourselves and our children with the courage to act. It’s as simple as that. We act boldly to build a sustainable future, with full attention and intention, and with every tool we have at our disposal.

Ever Project Plants a seed

Ever Project Plants a seed

Wonder Lab is a carbon neutral company. Each year, we offset our annual carbon emissions with carbon credits at the Instituto Terra, a reforestation program in Mina Gerais, Brazil fooudned by Lelia and Sebastiao Salgado.

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