Wonder Lab, design innovation for good.

We exist to help organizations change, bringing new concepts to life and building sustainable systems that shape the future.
Areas of
01 The pursuit of insights
02 Everyday experiments
03 Speculative design approaches
04 Small meaningful actions amplified by technology
05 Designing for the future in ways that make sense today
Our craft is connecting people and ideas and shared visions in unexpected ways. Our focus is to support leaders by applying advanced design thinking and creativity to solve complex, multi-disciplinary problems that contribute to a sustainable world. We see the negative social and business impacts that narrow, siloed thinking has generated. Our mission is to help ecosystem builders take a systems-wide approach to the rich network of people, programs, and resources that comprise a community — and to locate critical gaps and create new resources to fill those gaps. This work is collaborative, enriching, and connective. We see no hard lines between technical, business, cultural, and creative solutions. Our efforts are keenly focused on reconciling perspectives to achieve the best outcomes. We enthusiastically join with other entrepreneurial change-makers to build an optimal future together.
Areas of

Climate Change

There is no plan B. We are applying design-thinking for companies, organizations and foundations who are working to solve the most critical global problem we face.

Digital Wellbeing

In a new, natively digital world we seek to live a healthier, happier, more well-balanced life. We are helping craft seamless CX experiences that positively impact GEN-Z digital consciousness.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We help teams who work at the intersection of culture, emerging technology and hardware to build sustainable products that focus on inclusive futures.