Wonder Lab, a playful and adventurous design studio for doing good.

"The Count Us In climate campaign seeks 1bn people to save climate – one small step at a time."

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Envisioning Samsung’s exclusive monochrome theme of VSCO.

Netflix — Don’t Look Up

Designing a better future for climate action through small practical steps you can see and feel.

Andy Works

Advising on a trio of experimental everyday tools that are built like games, but run like  apps.

When to work with us

Your team needs fast-moving entrepreneurial-spirited design experimentation to open up new possibilities.

Your team needs to quickly develop, validate, design and launch new offerings and businesses.

You're an executive who needs to shape and enact a design-driven innovation agenda.

You’re an executive who must quickly recruit and assemble a multidisciplinary design team to scale the next stage of your business.

Our principles

Don’t half-ass it.

Smaller is better, invest the least to learn the most.

Build many, tiny things and then decide what to keep.

Design for the future in ways that make sense today.

Playful approaches turn complex challenges into clear, engaging visions.

Founding member

We are founding  partner of Count Us In, a climate action initiative aiming to activate one billion people to take small practical climat positive actions everyone can take.

Public work

Netflix Sustainability
The European Climate Pact
Obama Foundation
The Nature Conservancy
Extreme E

Fannie Mae

Count Us In
All Raise