“Imagine what the world would look like if a billion people took action to fight climate change.”

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Recently at Wonder Lab…

Wild For All

Building a global climate action community with Wildlife Conservation Society, Netflix and The Obama Foundation.

Netflix Sustainability

Designing a better future for climate action through small practical steps you can see and feel for Netflix viewers.

Andy Works

Advising on a trio of experimental everyday tools that are built like games, but run like  apps.

Wonder Lab is on a mission to create a sustainable, healthier, more resilient future for all of us.

We partner with progressive companies to build compelling experiences for industry leaders, early-to-mid-stage startups, hardware companies and sustainability teams.

We believe great design accelerates our understanding of new ideas. It makes us feel different, and think differently. It makes us remember, and take action. That’s what we aim for: to go from insight to ideas to design that connects with people. To craft things with intelligence, sensitivity and precision.

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When to work with us...

Your team needs fast-moving entrepreneurial-spirited experience design to accelerate new offerings and initiatives.

Your team needs to quickly concept, validate, design and launch new products and services.

You’re a founder or executive who must quickly recruit and assemble a multidisciplinary design team to scale your business.

What we do

Brand development
Social impact campaigns
Product research and customer insights
Product and service design
Design direction and management
UX and UI design
Product concepting and prototyping
Workshops and facilitation