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We are a human-centered, interdisciplinary design company that seeks to create desirable and sustainable changes in behavior and form – of individuals, systems and organizations

Our passion is helping people and our planet to thrive. This drives us to innovate with relentlessness, courage and imagination. We harness critical insights to help people optimize their personal health and the health of our planet. We enable organizations to create sustainable futures to rapidly move us all toward a post-carbon world.


We apply a multi-stage, iterative process of applying design principles to complex systems in small, approachable, and remarkable  ways

Our practice areas


We believe that the future health of human beings is inextricably linked with the health of the planet. The technology we use in our everyday digital experiences has a profound impact on the ways we live and on society’s systems for keeping the planetary boundaries  in balance.


Building a sustainable future is essential to preserving the planet’s ability to support life. At Wonder Lab we help individuals and organizations design the critical transformations that will move our world into a healthy, post-carbon future.

recently we have...

Accelerators for post-carbon people, experiences & businesses

Cout Us In, small planet-positive 
actions that anyone can take

The Tech, on a mission to inspire the innovator in everyone

Recirculating almost anything in your home from shoes to makeup

We’ve work with inspiring partners across 
a range of industries from technology to conservation and from finance to sport

Count Us In
World Wildlife Fund
The Nature Conservancy
Aspen Institute
Leaders’ Quest

Join us in reimagining the future of  digital well-being and the health of the planet